SOMA News mid-November 2019

Happy fall, SOMA Swimmers!

Fall is in full swing now and the days are getting shorter but it continues to feel more like September or early October than November here in southern Oregon.  We’ve had an amazingly warm and long fall and the weather continues to be unusually warm.  I hope you all have been able to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful weather.

High School swim season starts this coming Monday, so SOMA swimmer Matt Osborn, who will be assisting me for the first time this season, and I will be spending our evenings and weekends coaching the high school kids at St. Mary’s school.  Fun!

I hope that all of you have continued to train well through the fall season and are ready to post some good SCM times this fall/winter.  Good luck to those of you who will be swimming at the PSM SCM Champs meet on the 24th.  There’s still time to register for those of you who might be on the fence in deciding whether or not to attend!


If you missed out on doing the 3000/6000 ePostal swims, you still have a chance to get a long swim in this fall. the USMS Fall Fitness 1-mile swim:

Jan Hildebrandt is planning on doing this swim sometime next week at Superior Athletic Club and would welcome company.  Anyone up for it?  If so, let me know and I’ll put you in contact with Jan.


As of today (November 15th, 2019), all SOMA records are up-to-date.  Please check for my thoroughness and let me know if I missed anyone’s swim.

If you are heading to any meets this fall or winter, be sure to check the updated SOMA record board to see if you can give yourself another goal of posting a SOMA record at the meet.

SOMA records can be found here:

If anyone wants to take on the role of being the SOMA record keeper, please let me know! 


USMS All-American status is earned by posting the fastest time in the country in any pool event.  This is a very difficult thing to achieve, so huge congratulations go out to our three (yes, THREE!) SOMA All-American swimmers in 2019.

SOMA 2019 All-Americans:

Mike Dix (200 fly SCY)
Dan Kirkland (500/1000/1650 free and 50/200 back in SCY; 800/1500 free and 200 back in LCM)
Willard Lamb (50/100/200/500/1000/1650 free, 50/100/200 back in SCY;  50/100/200/400/800/1500 free, 50/100/200 back in LCM)

USMS keeps track of all swims by Masters swimmers in the US and tabulates a list of top 10 swims in each age group.  Ranking on this list is a great achievement.  Below are SOMA swimmers who posted top 10 times in SCY and LCM seasons in 2019.

SOMA SCY National Top 10 swims:

Mike Dix (45-59) – 9th in 100 fly, 1st in 200 fly, 3rd in 400 IM
Wes Edwards (65-69) – 5th in 50 back, 3rd in 100 back, 4th in 200 back
Barry Fasbender (80-84) – 8th in 500 free, 4th in 1000 free, 3rd in 1650 free
Mark Hageman (55-59) – 3rd in 400 IM
Dan Kirkland (70-74) – 6th in 50 free, 3rd in 100 free, 2nd in 200 free, 1st in 500/1000/1650 free, 1st in 50 back, 2nd in 100 back, 1st in 200 back
Willard Lamb (95-99) – 1st in 50/100/200/500/1000/1650 free and 1st in 50/100/200 back
Matt Miller (40-44) – 9th in 1650 free
Frank Philipps (75-79) – 10th in 1000 free
Jayna Tomac (45-49) – 6th in 50 breast, 5th in 100 breast, 3rd in 200 breast
Natascha Tulloch (25-29) – 9th in 50 back, 9th in 100 back, 6th in 50 fly, 3rd in 100 fly, 9th in 200 fly, 6th in 100 IM
Baylor Wiggins (18-24) – 9th in 1000 free

SOMA LCM National Top 10 swims:

James Adams (40-44) – 9th in 400 free, 6th in 800 free, 6th in 1500 free, 9th in 200 back, 6th in 200 fly, 6th in 400 IM
Wes Edwards (65-69) – 8th in 50 back, 7th in 100 back, 6th in 200 back, 8th in 200 breast 
Barry Fasbender (80-84) – 8th in 800 free, 2nd in 1500 free, 8th in 100 back, 6th in 200 back, 8th in 100 breast, 9th in 200 breast
Rick Howell (60-64) – 10th in 50 breast, 7th in 100 breast, 6th in 200 breast
Willard Lamb (95-99) – 1st in 50/100/200/400/800/1500 free and 1st in 50/100/200 back  
Dan Kirkland (70-74) – 2nd in 200 free, 2nd in 400 free, 1st in 800 free, 1st in 1500 free, 2nd in 100 back, 1st in 200 back
Matt Miller (40-44) – 8th in 400 free, 5th in 800 free, 4th in 1500 free, 7th in 200 back, 8th in 200 fly, 8th in 400 IM

Wow, what a lot of super-fast swimmers we have on our little SOMA squad 


If I missed anyone, please let me know and I will amend the list!

Let’s go after some more SOMA top 10s and All-Americans in SCM season this winter!  SCM season runs through December 31st, so get to a meet before the end of the year to take your shot.  Below is a list of upcoming events, including a couple SCM meets.


PSM SCM Champs – Sunday, November 24th, 2019

Bend All-Around Meet COMA – Saturday, December 14th, 2019

OMS Association Champs – Hood River – April 3-5, 2020:  Mark your calendar now and save the weekend for sure!  The date and location are tentative but are pretty likely to firm up soon.

2020 USMS Spring Nationals – April 23-26 in San Antonio: Several of us are planning to attend.  It is the 50th anniversary of USMS and, as such, the annual “signature event” of USMS is planning to celebrate at this historical meet with unique offerings and special guests (think Olympians).  I hope to see many of you there!

See you all poolside sometime soon!