Gil Young Registration closes tomorrow! Sign up soon!

Applegate Lake Open Water weekend has concluded as of today and it went exceptionally well.  Thanks to those of you who came out to volunteer and congratulations to those of you who participated!  Both congrats and thanks to those who did both!  I’ll soon send a follow-up email about the “My Oregon Swimcation” (3 championship swims in one week) and those of us from SOMA who participated and had amazing successes.

The purpose of this email is to encourage any of you who might be considering coming to the Gil Young meet to sign up ASAP!  Registration closes tomorrow night!!!  Please register here:

This is the Oregon LCM Champs so we have an opportunity to earn another banner.  They don’t divide into large, medium and small teams at this Oregon event, so the more people who come from SOMA, the better.  We are currently the 3rd largest team signed up.  ORM is first and likely out of reach, but Oregon City Tankers have 7 and we have 6.  A couple more swimmers and we should be competitive for 2nd place!  Please sign up, especially those of you from “SOMA del Norte” who are closer than those of us down south.

Hope to see some more of you next weekend!