Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 – USRPT Freestyle

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USRPT = Ultra Short Race Pace Training
This set is intended to work on holding pace for 1000/1650

5 min warmup

2 x (20 x 100 best average) – Choose a goal time and get 20-25 seconds rest.  For me, the goal time is 1:04 and the send off is 1:30.  If I don’t make my goal time of 1:04 or better (i.e. I see 1:05 or higher), take one repetition off and start again.  If I fail 3 times in one set of 20 or if I fail 2 consecutive times in a row, the set is terminated.  Today I ended up skipping 1 in the first set of 20 and 2 in the second set of 20 — my best effort ever!

4 x 50 cool down

~4200 yards total