1-hour ePostal almost over; Oregon Masters State Champs event lineup posted

Wow, we had a great turnout today at Superior during the 5:45-7am morning session!  In addition to most of our regular crew today, we had quite a few new or visiting swimmers.  Uwe Britsch was our special guest down from Klamath Falls.  Mike Oxendine joined us for the first time today and will be working out with us regularly.  And, now that the high school swim season is over, three of the St. Mary’s high school swimmers – Jade Zdeblick, Andrew (Drew) Powell and Isacc Chesnut – swam with us as well today.  Jade and Drew are 18 years old and will be swimming with us at the Oregon Masters State Champs in April, which is awesome!  It’s really great to see young people motivated to get up in the mornings and put in some work in the pool.  Welcome!


Two more SOMA swimmers completed their one-hour swim today.  Jan Hildebrandt and Maggie Trujillo came in after our morning swim to do their one-hour swims.  They both had amazing swims and significantly increased SOMA’s and Oregon’s yardage total for the one-hour swim with their efforts.  Congrats on your great swims Jan and Maggie.  I also timed Vicki Roe last week for her first time attempting the one-hour swim and she crushed it!

So far, here is a list of people from SOMA who I know have done the one-hour in 2018 (please let me know if I missed someone!):

Leah Harris
Willard Lamb
Barry Fasbender
Matt Miller
Jayna Tomac
Vicki Roe
Tim Hall
Julie Hall
Jan Hildebrandt
Maggie Trujillo

That’s a lot!!!  Great job to everyone who took the challenge of swimming for an hour and representing SOMA and Oregon.  You all did great.  And I know two more people will do theirs on Thursday (Connie Wilson and Yeonjoo Lee).

Who else is ready for a totally-doable challenge?  All of you are capable of swimming for an hour.  Breaks are allowed!  We need your yardage to help push Oregon to the top spot in the nation.  If you have even a remote interest in participating in this event, please let me know and we can work out a day for me to time you.

For those of you over on the southern Oregon coast in Coos Bay or North Bend, Ralph Mohr has agreed to time anyone at Mingus Park Pool.  His contact information is: 541-269-1565rmohr1565@charter.net.  He can even time an hour at noon, M-F. 

And, as always, if you have any questions about how the ePostal series and the one-hour ePostal work, feel free to email (matt@flytrapcare.com) or call (636-209-8916) me for clarification.


The event lineup for our target meet of the year, the Oregon Association Championships (Masters State Champs), has been announced.  Again, this meet is April 20-22 in Corvallis and everyone on this email list should plan on attending and swimming as a member of SOMA.  This is the first event ever that SOMA will be participating as a group, so let’s start off our history with a bang!  The OMS association championship meet is one of only 3 events each year where we swim together as our little workout group instead of representing Oregon at large, as we do at all other meets the rest of the year.  The other two events are one long course meters (LCM) meet in late August (Gil Young Meet) and an open water event (this year it is the cable swim at Foster Lake in mid-July).  I’ll send more information about those events in future emails.

Registration isn’t yet open for the April meet, but I expect it to be very soon, probably later this week.   I’ll send a link out to everyone when I see that registration is live.

Here is the event lineup for OMS Association Champs:


1 400 IM ___:___.___
2 1650 Free ___:___.___
3 100 IM ___:___.___
4 50 FL ___:___.___
5 200 BR ___:___.___
6 100 FR ___:___.___
10 min break
7-8 200 Free Relays
9 50 BK ___:___.___
10 200 FL ___:___.___
11 100 BR ___:___.___
10 min break
12 Mixed 200 Medley Relay
13 1000 Free ___:___.___
14 500 Free ___:___.___
20 min warm up; next event will not start before 10 am
15 50 FR ___:___.___
16 200 BK ___:___.___
17 100 FL ___:___.___
10 min break
18-19 200 Medley Relays
20 200 IM ___:___.___
21 50 BR ___:___.___
22 200 FR ___:___.___
23 100 BK ___:___.___
10 min break
24 Mixed 200 Free Relay

I’ll contact you again as soon as the registration is posted.

OK, that’s all I’ve got for now.  See you all sometime soon and keep up the great work everyone!