Happy Upcoming New Year, SOMA Swimmers!

Hello again, southern Oregon swim friends.


Since we’re a brand new workout group, we get the chance to design our own logo and select “team colors.”  Fun!  Preliminary discussions with our friends in Coos Bay and with the core group at Superior have yielded the idea of abandoning a team mascot and using Crater Lake as the focal point of our logo.  It’s beautiful, iconic of southern Oregon, and it has water in it — all good things for a masters swimming workout group logo!  And for the “team colors,” we’re currently thinking about using royal blue (like the color of Crater Lake) and some complimentary color to be decided.  If anyone has suggestions or desires for either the logo or the colors, please shoot me an email, text or call or let me know when you see me in the pool and we can try to work them in.
Once we get the logo and colors sorted, we’re planning on coordinating SOMA gear such as T-shirts, swim parkas, caps, jackets, swim bags, etc.  I’ll be sure to notify the group when we’re ready to do so.  We should have plenty of time to get “geared out” for the big Oregon Championship meet in April.  SOMA should have as many as 12 to 15 swimmers in attendance; perhaps, even more, depending on several factors.  It’s going to be a blast to go to that meet decked out in our SOMA gear and swim together as a team!  I’m so very much looking forward to it!!!


A quick follow-up to the one-hour ePostal swim notice I gave in the last email.  Ralph Mohr over on the coast wanted me to announce that he too is willing to time anyone in the one-hour swim in his local Mingus Park Pool in Coos Bay.  Mingus is my pool of choice in southern Oregon for swimming the ePostals that can be swum in short-course pools because at 82-83°F, it is usually cooler than most pools and it has the added benefit of being outdoors year round, which provides better air quality and cooler air temperatures.  I will almost certainly make a trip to Mingus at some point this winter to do my one-hour swim.  I’ll be sure to let others know about the trip so that they can carpool with me if they want to.
Again, the one-hour ePostal runs from January 1st through February 28th.  It’s a USMS long-distance national championship event and sees the most participation of the 5 ePostal championship events each year.  You swim for one hour in the pool of your choice, accumulating as many yards as you can then submit your results to see how you stack up with other people all over the United States.  Everyone on this list should do it!  Given that timers are always available in Medford (me at Superior) and Coos Bay (Ralph at Mingus), there’s no excuse not to swim it!
OK, that’s all for now, SOMA swimmers.  See you all poolside!